Certified Life Coaching

Coaching is focused on setting and accomplishing goals. I will come alongside you to provide motivation, accountability, and tools for success. As a Certified Life Coach through Light University, affiliated with the American Association of Christian Counselors, I offer two types of coaching services:


Singleness can be hard, but it can be the adventure of your life. The familiar questions, “What is my purpose?” “Where is my life going?” “When will I get married?” seem to pop up at some point. Through Single Purpose Coaching, you will learn more about what makes you unique, what your spiritual gifting is, and God’s calling on your life. Through redefining singleness, you will learn tools to help you walk confidently in your life; single or not!


Do you struggle with emotional eating? Are you sick of going back and forth between diets and programs without any lasting results?  In Tenacious Grace Coaching, I take you through the curriculum from my book that walks you through uncovering and understanding the "why" behind your emotional eating habits. I have and am continuing to walk this journey of overcoming emotional eating. I'm grateful to say I've had some great success along the way and can’t wait to share them with you!

Here's what you can expect at your future visits:

  • 100% confidential

  • Meeting with a qualified coach

  • Your goals for coaching are discussed

  • Session is 60 minutes

  • Payment is taken at beginning of session

  • Typical follow-up plan is weekly sessions

  • Hands-on approach with increased access to your coach