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Grassroots Consultant

Through my consulting services, my vision to help new ministries and nonprofit succeed in creating social change and leaving a legacy of service, love, and change in this world. I volunteer with smaller grassroot nonprofits and love being a part of the influence they have on the community.  My mission of inspiring resilience is also accomplished by helping take your ministry and establish is as a nonprofit organization as well as help those already established ensure their foundational structures are solid.


I have my Master’s Business Degree in Nonprofit Administration and would love to use what I’ve learned to help you launch, strengthen, and grow your nonprofit organization. I will step into a contracted role with you – one where we work side by side to set goals, reach benchmarks, and ensure growth. We will look at the main core competencies of nonprofit business and solidify the footing of your organization in those areas.


Some of these areas we will unpack are:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Human Resources

  • Financial Oversight

  • Fundraising

  • Volunteer Management

  • Grant Writing

  • Program Evaluation

  • Board Governance


With more competencies to cover, I’d love to come alongside you and your organization and help your roots grow deep. This will help you have big impact in your community and create social change from the heart of your mission.

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