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My services

My mission is to inspire resilience!


Through my counseling, coaching, and speaking services, my vision is to take you on a journey. This journey is one of deeper exploration into what motivates your behaviors, helps you recognize the purpose within you, and establishes goals to help you move forward. I have a passion to see women walk in the freedom Christ gives us! Resilience is what helps us to know Jesus more intimately and live intentional lives.


Emotional Freedom Coaching

Sometimes we just need someone to come alongside us and help us put the work in that’s necessary to get to that next level – to get unstuck. Half of the struggle is figuring out what that “work” is that will propel us forward. If you believe that someone in your corner – coaching you along the way – is your missing ingredient to the growth and change you’re looking for, click below to learn more about my coaching services!

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Tenacious Grace


With so much information on how to lose weight, have you found anything that helps you understand why emotional eating is a struggle for you to begin with? Have you wondered if others struggle with food the same way you do? You’re not alone in the confusing and frustrating tug of war with food. Finding a different approach to the issue may just be what you’ve been looking for all along. Click to learn more about the groups available that provide fellow support in uncovering why you can’t seem to kick emotional eating to the curb! (1).jpg



Are you looking for an inspirational speaker to bring powerful truths to your audience? Whether a conference, seminar, bible study, ministry event, or workshop, I would love to be that speaker for you. I bring messages founded on God’s word and deliver them in a way that equips my audience with the tools to to live intentionally and increase resiliency. I take the approach of teaching people to fish rather than feeding them fish. Click to learn more about the topics I speak on!

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