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Click here to learn about the non profit I collaborate with.

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If you struggle with fear and anxiety, check out Fearless Women!  I volunteer for this ministry and I know you will be blessed by this community of amazing people!

Click here to learn more about Fearless Women!


When the door opened up to continue the taping of “Breaking Bread with Altered Ministries” after COVID restrictions began lifting, the Lord called the cast members to use their platform to shed light on the very real issue of Racial Injustice. We asked God to use it to educate, humble hearts, and continue bringing us to a place of full reconciliation.

Click here to connect with Altered Ministries!

What a heartwarming experience to sit with the women from Altered Ministries to share about about emotional eating and why it's radically tied to our relationship with Christ.

Click here to connect with Altered Ministries!



It was an absolute honor to be the first guest on Jayne Patton's podcast 'Sacred Conversations' discussing my book 'Tenacious Grace: Redefine Your Relationship With Food and End Emotional Eating'!

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What a joy to chat with the sweet Jessica Lauren of the 'Truth Speaks' podcast!  In episode 13, we talk about emotional eating; the WHY behind it and asking ourselves hard questions, navigating singleness, and wrestling with hope. If you've ever walked through seasons of disappointment, this episode is for you.

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I was honored to be a guest on my friend Donna Harris' podcast 'Constantly Under Construction' to talk about experiencing freedom from our hangups.

Click here to learn more and hear the podcast now!

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